Morgan is an exceptional makeup artist.  I met her when I needed my makeup done for a formal ball.  I did not know Morgan until I sat in her chair the day of the ball and I was a bit nervous about the gamble I was taking.  She asked me what "look" I was going for and I told her I wanted to look like Grace Kelly, if Grace Kelly loved full coverage makeup.  Morgan interpreted my request so perfectly I asked if she was available for my wedding.  Out of all my wedding vendors, she was by far the easiest to communicate with.  She came to my house for the trial run and went through photos with me to merge everything I liked into one vision and ultimately one flawless look.  She arrived early on the wedding day and made the girls and myself look our absolute best.  Morgan remains a faithful contact even after the job is over.  I have contacted her a handful of times when I find myself at a MAC counter with no idea what product I am supposed to purchase and she never fails to respond.  Morgan is the Men's Warehouse of makeup artists because when she is done you will like the way you look.

-Michell R.

Morgan was so amazing to work with for my wedding.  She was so easy going and such a ray of sunshine.  The exact person you want around on your wedding day.  Her work just amazed me.  I can't express enough how beautiful she made me feel and how beautiful my bridesmaids looked.  Such a beautiful soul inside and out.

-Heather S.

Morgan was the makeup artist who taught me how to begin wearing makeup.  Prior to her I was that person dazed and confused on where to begin.  I had always had a lot of fear for being ridiculed for not understanding makeup.  Morgan put me at ease.  She taught me the techniques with patience and kindness.  I went back to her for about a year until she moved.  She's very talented, loving, and accepting.  A 100% recommendation.

-Jaisee G.

I have to admit I was a little nervous about having a makeup consultation, which is probably why I avoided it for YEARS!  I wanted someone to show me the makeup basics as well as how to do some simple eye makeup for a fun night out.  Morgan could not have done a better job!  She came to my house (awesome) and took her time walking me through everything she put on my face, the technique she used and the reasons for using that product and technique.  She actually taught me, and she taught me in a way that I was able to quickly replicate what I learned.  Morgan looked at the makeup I use to make sure I had the basics to achieve the look I like.  Then, as if all that wasn't enough, she gave me the best tutorial on makeup brush selection, use and care!!  The best part about all this is that it was really FUN!!  Morgan's easy going, positive attitude makes the whole experience that much more enjoyable!!

-Caitlin C.